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SEO Is Just Part of the Story

SEO Is Just Part of the Story

MVP makes websites into marketing machines. MVP was one of the first pioneers of the search engine marketing industry, offering SEO services since 1996—long before Google, and long before most marketing professionals even had a clue about how to achieve high rankings on search engines. MVP has consistently led the industry in developing SEO best practices for website design and development, including both pre- and post-launch search engine optimization. For this reason, MVP was recognized as one of the top ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the country by Goldline Research in 2008.

But when it comes to MVP's prowess on the World Wide Web, SEO is just a part of the story. It is indeed crucial to ensure that you structure and code your website for proper presentation to Google and the other major search engines, and include lots of relevant keyword-rich SEO content to rank highly for search terms important to your market. However, if visits to your website don't result in the acquisition of new leads and customers, none of that matters. MVP takes the potential inherent in SEO best practices and fulfills it with a comprehensive set of digital and interactive media design and development services that ensure that time spent on your website translates to leads and sales.

More Than Just Keywords: Marketing Copy That Counts

When it comes to SEO best practices, MVP's expertise is second to none. Unlike much of the competition, MVP's unique approach to search engine optimization content development planning and copywriting ensures that in addition to targeting a plethora of market specific keywords, MVP's websites also retain topical unity across all pages their content, reinforcing the authority of the keyword-rich copy to the search engines. Furthermore, MVP's professional copywriters are able to find the unique value propositions behind any brand, product, or service, and author clear, coherent marketing content that drives the interest that culminates in valuable responses to effective calls to action.

Graphic Design for Websites

Increasingly, however, written marketing content is not enough to transform sessions on websites to leads and customers. Today's digital multimedia online environment is flooded with bold visuals that often compete more effectively for individuals' attention than textual information. MVP's strong focus on exceptional graphic design for websites ensures that the customized responsive website designs it produces are contemporary, polished, and compelling, building upon the strengths of the brand and clearly signaling to the viewer the unique value offered by the business or organization being represented.

User Interface Design for Websites

The beauty of MVP's responsive website designs is more than skin deep. Form empowers function throughout, with dedicated user interface design professionals focusing specifically on how to maximize the ease with which visitors navigate throughout the website. Menus are designed to match both user navigational instincts as well as the overall graphic design of the site, making for a beautiful integrated look and an intuitive user experience that makes location of specific content a breeze. Calls to action, from online forms to initiate contact and information requests to buttons that allow customers to drop a new product or service subscription into their eCommerce shopping cart, are given the emphasis they deserve, ensuring your website achieves maximum ROI.

Secure and Responsive Website Design

Secure certificate integration helps maximize a website's SEO value by fulfilling Google's HTTPS everywhere initiative, while also offering peace of mind to users of your website. Finally, responsive website design automatically adjusts the presentation of the graphics, textual content, and menus. This ensures that regardless of the specific device, browser, or screen size, your responsive website will look and feel great for each individual user. It will be critical to any business or organization that a strong responsive website design is at the core of their marketing endeavors, as more than half of all online searches are now conducted on small mobile devices such as smartphones. For this reason, Google has created a new independent directory for mobile searches, and has begun to apply demerits to the rank of any website that does not present properly on smaller mobile devices. With mobile device usage continuing to rise, no one can afford to neglect this crucial market.

Make sure your marketing moves your audience to action. Make it happen with MVP; contact us today.


What Google Wants, Google Gets

With MVP's search engine optimization services, your website will be built right the first time, and will continue to evolve along with changing technologies and search engine algorithms.

A Holistic Approach to All Things Digital

An intricate blend of creative arts and technical prowess is the hallmark of the comprehensive digital and interactive media services offered by MVP.

Design at Our Core

Lying at the intersection of graphics, navigation, and interactive functionality, strong digital design is the cornerstone of the user experience with everything produced by MVP.

Responsive & Mobile-Optimized Website Design

The world is going mobile. Make sure your online presentation is perfected for the latest technology trends by developing mobile-friendly and responsive websites with MVP.

Responsive Customer Service

Responsibility lies at the foundation of all of MVP's client relationships. MVP's incessantly responsive customer service helps you move your marketing endeavors forward with ease.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Improve workflows and strengthen relationships with customers and clients with MVP's award-winning mobile application design and development.


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